3 Things Owner-Operators Need To Know About Towing

If you're a semi-truck owner-operator, you know how many challenges come with working in this industry. You need to worry about the complexities of operating your vehicle and hauling cargo, as well as the details of running your business. Every penny counts, and that means that unexpected expenses such as towing fees can be a painful burden to bear.

Even the best owners sometimes need a helping hand, however. When you need to rely on a heavy-duty towing service, you want to make sure you're working with a reliable company and getting the best bang for your buck. Next time you find yourself in need of a lift, keep these three considerations in mind when choosing a towing company.

1. You'll Need a Specialist

The vast majority of tow trucks cannot pull a tractor truck, which means that you won't be able to do a quick search for towing services and call the first one that pops up. A light-duty towing vehicle is unlikely to have the capacity necessary to pull your trailer, and a medium-duty towing vehicle may also be insufficient. Likewise, anything but an empty trailer will require a heavy-duty tow.

For these reasons, you want to work only with companies specializing in commercial and industrial towing. Not only will these companies have the right equipment for the job, but their drivers will have experience in semi-truck recovery. Working with a specialist ensures that your tow will go quickly and with as little hassle as possible.

2. Expect Two Separate Tow Trucks

Safely towing your tractor and trailer together will likely not be an option for anything other than extremely short distances, such as moving it away from the flow of traffic. Once your rig is in a safe location, the towing company will need to tow each component individually. This approach is necessary due to towing capacity limitations and to prevent additional damage.

Always keep these limitations in mind since you'll need to budget for multiple tow vehicles during any recovery involving your trailer. If you're concerned about costs, be sure to discuss your options with the tow company before they dispatch their trucks to your location.

3. You Might Pay More for Recovery Operations

Rescuing a semi-truck from the side of the road is about the best-case scenario for any heavy-duty towing situation. Although this is a more complex job than towing a sedan, there are rarely any significant complications. Recovering your truck from mud, snow, or an unfortunate encounter with a roadside ditch can require heavier equipment and more experienced crews, however.

If you find yourself in this situation, it's critical to work with a towing company that understands the challenges of providing heavy-duty service. Although you'll pay more for the work, you'll save money and protect your rig by getting the job done correctly.

To learn more, contact a heavy truck tow service.

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