Problems Keeping Cool? How To Tell When Your Car AC Needs Servicing

If you live in a region that experiences high summer temperatures, you can't afford to do without the air conditioner in your car. Unfortunately, if you don't know the warning signs, you might be forced to endure some hot driving conditions, especially if your AC goes out next summer. The best time to repair the AC in your car is before you're faced with a catastrophic malfunction.

Luckily, most automotive AC units will give some advance warning before they give out for the last time. Here are four signs that signify something is seriously wrong with the AC in your car. If you experience any of these signs, have your AC inspected right away.

Sweet Odor From the Vents

When you turn on the AC in your car, you should smell fresh air coming through the vents. If you don't, you've got a problem. This is particularly true if you notice a sweet odor. A sweet odor is a sign that you've got a coolant leak somewhere in your air conditioning lines. If you've got foul odors when you turn on the AC, have your car checked out as soon as possible.

Water Inside Your Car

When you run your AC on hot days, you can expect to find small puddles of water under your car whenever you stop. The water puddles are condensation from your AC. However, if you've got water inside your car, especially around the dashboard, you've got water backing up from the air conditioner that's draining into your car. As soon as you notice water inside your car, have your AC unit inspected.

Unusual Sounds When the AC Is On

When you turn your AC on, there shouldn't be any unusual sounds coming from the engine compartment. Unusual sounds are an indication that there's something seriously wrong with the AC. This is particularly true if the sounds are grinding, rattling, or squealing. Don't take chances with unusual sounds. Have them checked out as soon as you hear them.

Your Cold Air Is Warm

When your AC is on, you should have cold air flowing through the vents. If the air that's coming through the vents has turned warm, check the controls first. They could have been moved to the warm air side. If the controls are pointed to cool, and you've still got warm air coming out of the vents, it's time to have your AC serviced.

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